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21 Examples of Women Logic

#6 Where is he? Who’s he with???


Women like to keep constant tabs on their men, which seems fine. But at times it crosses the line and defies logic. Women can get paranoid about the whereabouts of their men and get completely frustrated as a result. They can get extremely illogical and conclude that if he is offline, then surely he is spending time with his ‘other’ girlfriend. Even if he is online they will not be at peace and again wrongly conclude that he is busy chatting with the other girl! This bit of uncanny women’s logic is enough for the men to conclude that women can get really weird at times.

#5 You’re Beautiful.


It is very rare that a woman believes her man, when he praises her especially when it has something to do with her looks. Although it is true that she wants him to constantly tell her that she is beautiful and keeps hinting at it at opportunity. When her man finally takes the hint and promptly tells her that she is “Beautiful”, the woman will immediately stun him by saying “No” and say that either she is ugly or fat… or something not at all complimentary. The being from Mars (man – of course) just does not know what to say next and might end up tearing his hair. (Like Jackie Chan in the picture)

#4 Nothing to wear?!


This bit of women’s logic is an all time favorite. And almost all women agree on this and would have faced this situation at least a couple of times in their life time. They will own a closet full of good clothes and still insist that they have nothing to wear. Coming to think of it maybe it is not only a women’s issue any more, especially with metro sexual men making their well attired appearance. The logic of this particular logic goes like this – that despite the number of clothes available, they are sure that there is nothing suitable for that particular occasion or outing.

#3 ‘I Just want a nice guy’ – I call BULL!


Women can be very naïve and immature at times, especially when it comes to dating men. They keep saying that they just want a good guy. But for want of options or just plain naivety, they continue to go out with their ex-boyfriends. Even when the women know that their ex has been unfaithful to them, they appear to pardon them. Women in general fail to understand that this is not love or kindness. If a guy has cheated on her then the logical thing would be to dump him and not to cling on. Once a cheat always a cheat – is one fact women fail to comprehend.

#2 Cheater’s Excuses


Women also can cheat and they do cheat on their men. Cheating is not the right thing to do irrespective of whether one is a man or a woman. But the logic assigned by women when their men cheat on them, is invariably that he is a bad guy and completely horrible. But when they cheat, women try to give a logical reason for their actions. They say that they were confused and were not sure about their relationship. Women believe that men cheat as they are basically bad but they themselves resort to cheating only when they are not sure where their relationship is headed. This is not logic!

#1 I’m just Hot!


Women tend to put on weight, much more than men do. It is a constant battle of bulge for most women. Some of them go on a diet, some exercise, some sulk and some come up with the most logical or scientific explanations for their weight. We all know heat expands all kinds of matter. So these women say that they are actually “hot” and therefore have expanded or rather appear fat. So the bottom-line is that they are indeed hot and sexy, but appear fat and solid due to this basic science theory – matter expands when it is heated or when it is ‘hot’.

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