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21 Examples of Women Logic

#21 Bikini’s vs Underwear


Women’s logic can get illogical at times. This picture of a lady in a bikini and the other in her underwear amply highlights this. If you talk about the garments the two ladies are wearing they just about cover the same vital parts in both the cases. But when you take a look at the lady in the bikini you can see that she is happy to be flaunting her hot body. However, the lady in her underwear is so shameful about the skimpy garment that she is trying to hide behind a towel. Come on! A bikini is no different from underwear when it comes to covering up!

#20 Stop commenting on her boobs.


What is the first thing you notice about this picture? Yes, it is the lady’s boobs. Now, the lady also knows that it is her booties that are the highlight of this image. And yet, she dares to ask why people are commenting only about her vitals after looking at this photograph. Yes, there is a rack full of colorful bottles behind her that people could talk about. They could even converse about the pigtails the girl is sporting. But all that people can comment on is her boobs. Isn’t that absolutely impolite? Perhaps not, really, and certainly not when the camera has focused on it!


#19 Listen more carefully!


Ask any man and he will tell you ladies are difficult to live with. This picture here presents an example to you why this is so. In the first two comic pictures the guy is acting all romantic and mushy and is praising his partner for making him a better man. All that she replies, that too with a certain sense of anger and annoyance, is that he is a liar and probably does not mean what he says. Instead she asks him why he cannot be romantic like the other guys on TV? Ladies, this is the heights of blindness, actually!

#18 Honest pillow talk


In this picture, first, the girl goes all out praising her guy for being so romantic and for treating her so nicely and certainly better than any man in her life before him. To any reader of this comic, the next sentence to expect would be that she would want to live with him for the rest of her life. But, it is not for nothing that guys say that living with ladies is difficult. For at this romantic juncture she comes with a perfect googly and says that for all his goodness, he will only be hurt when she leaves him for bad boy. Do ladies want a good man or a bad boy? Only God knows!

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