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21 Examples of Women Logic

#17 Pot calling the kettle black?


Ladies seem never speak out what they have in their minds and that is what makes them so difficult to live with. In fact, most of the times females seem to act like hypocrites- they say one thing, but they mean something else, maybe even the diametrically opposite. This picture here is a perfect example of this. Nicole Mattei here is busy criticizing all women for posting their photos in bikini. She even comments that it only garners the wrong kind of attention. Maybe, Nicole should look at her profile picture once again before commenting so acidly. Branden has reminded her to do just that, and rightly so!

#16 Why Women Cry


Women, it seems, are confused about themselves. Then how are men expected to understand them? Those women are a confused lot is amply highlighted by the pie diagram shown in this image. The data depicted is that of a survey asking women why they cry. While a small percentage of females have said that they cry because they are either sad or happy, the rest of the women, a majority of them at that, do not really know why they drop big tears! Perhaps, the one who analyzed this data dropped a big tear or two or many more after having gone through the survey results!

#15 The Guide


As a man if you are keen on learning about women, their way of thinking and doing things and in general everything about them, then here is a perfect piece of advice for you- leave this topic alone. This image with this big, fat, fat book is more than enough reason why. Just read the title of the text, it says ‘A Guide to Women’s Logic- Condensed Edition’. If that obese tome is a ‘condensed’ edition, then just imagine how huge its full version would be. Perhaps, men are better off juggling their minds with mathematical logic than women’s logic. At least, the reading in the former case, you know, will finish some day!

#14 Why would you just want compliments? It’s a tough life.


What do you feel like saying when you take a look at the sexy lady in the picture taking a selfie? Yes, you feel like praising her beauty and admiring her shapely figure. So when a guy called Uno did just that, he was given a reply that the girl in question, Chaylene wanted something more than just compliments- she wanted conversation. Uno was obviously confused. Judging by his reply, he must have thought that the picture was posted for inviting compliments, and yet the lady refused them. Uno, you are not the only one to be confused. All men are. Women too. Enough said!

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