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21 Examples of Women Logic

#13 The trouble with haircuts


Girls just don’t know what they want. They want one thing today, and the exact opposite the other. The cartoons here just highlight this fact. First the cartoon girl is all happy about getting a new haircut- one that she thinks will make her look fabulous. After getting the cut too she is quite happy with her new hairstyle. But a few days later, suddenly she misses her long tresses and rues the day she decided to cut them. Women, can’t you be constant about what you want? The world would be a certainly better place to live in then, for you and for the men!

#12 All Men are cheaters…


Women have a fidelity fixation when it comes to men. It is alright if they have multiple boyfriends, but even if one among them is found to be cheating on her with another girl, then the lady will waste no time in issuing a grand statement- that she would never trust men again. This is exactly what the lady in the picture here is thinking about. In surrounding her thoughts with one among her five boyfriends, who she discovers has cheated her she has forgotten one very big fact- that she herself has five boyfriends. Perhaps the lady has indulged in some ‘convenience forgetting’- forgetting for the sake of convenience.

#11 You don’t love me!!


#10 Never tell a woman she’s ugly. Never. Ever.


This guy in the picture looks like he has just gone through a hair-raising time, quite literally too. Perhaps he has just said those words in the image and in telling his woman that she looked ugly, he spoilt his own looks, day and who knows, maybe even his whole life. For women may call you a liar every single time, even if you compliment them for their looks a million times, but if you say that they are ugly even once, then God alone knows what the result of that would be! The guy in this picture must be passing on this exact piece of advice to all those innocent fellows out there!

#9 She doesn’t want to look like a whore y’know!


The model in the picture does not want to be considered a whore with practically no clothes on! She is seen covering her assets with her hands. But women are seen by everyone on the various beaches around the world in barely-there bikinis. So the logic could well be that designer bikinis are fine but the taboo is ‘underwear’, perhaps. This is probably one example of “women logic” which some modern women will not subscribe too. But the picture itself defies logic as you do get naked when soaking in a bath tub. However the chances of anyone seeing you or taking a picture are remote though. Maybe that’s what the model means “by not wanting to look like a whore”.

#8 She just wants a guy to appreciate her ‘personality’


The lady in the picture hopes that if she wears a tight T-shirt, which shows of her breasts, she will get to meet a great guy. She might meet a guy but she definitely cannot show off her “personality” in a figure hugging top. So the lady should realize that the guy, who does give her attention, is not floored by her personality but has just fallen for her well endowed body. This is not woman’s logic but it is perhaps the reflection of the society we live in. Here personality seems akin to a person’s (rather a woman’s) body rather than her character or disposition.

#7 All men are mind readers. Fact.


This is one bit of women logic that is true and practiced by women of all ages. Completely forgetting that men are from mars and are therefore wired differently, women believe men also think like they do. Even when they fall for a man, they choose to keep quiet about it and expect him to somehow know about her feelings for him. On the basis of this logic she even expects him to take the initiative and make the first move. For a man this whole thing seems weird especially when he has no clue of what’s happening. Men in turn conclude that women are bizarre.

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